My First Post About School

No one ever said that writing was easy, or that becoming a creative writing student was easier. I’ve written fanfiction and prose but never in my entire life (so far), ever considered writing a screenplay. That’s a whole new world for me. A whole new ballgame!

Did You Know?

  • That a screenplay has to be 120 pages.
  • That a page has to not look crowded.
  • That one has to be able to point out where plot point I and plot point II are.

There is so much that I’m learning that it becomes overwhelming.  I’ve made some mistakes already but who hasn’t right?

What I Learned This Month:

I learned to write and realize the importance of a character full biography. Believe me, the more you get to know your main character, the more alive they become and the more they write the story and not you.

I also was sleep deprived :p. Not fun since I’m a morning person and that means heading to bed early. But no, not this month and I doubt that will happen for a very long time.

And hello :). If you’ve read this post then nice to meet you.  Monday I start my new class: Multimedia Terms and Genres. I’m excited! 🙂



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