Who Would Have Thought…

that writing a 5 page long scene was going to be harder then I had expected. To tell you all the truth, the 7 page script I turned in last month for my other class was easier.

Well not that easier…


…back to business.

One of the factors involved in writing for animation is that there are shots involved. Shots needs to be drawn, meaning I have to write who is facing where and what. One thing is for sure, writing for animation requires lots of details :orz:

One of the downfalls I have (well I suppose for now…) is that I can’t draw, so writing for this genre will bring a challenge, but I guess I’m willing to try. Not the drawing part though :laughs: I’m just bad at it to begin with.

It’s Thursday early morning and I finally finished writing my scene. But i’m not done yet…

Things To Do:

Check for style
Check for format

**Before dealing with the to do list I first have to reread terms and make sure I understand them and had them placed correctly Tuzki Bunny Emoticon.

But first, I need some sleep… so till next time.



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