Darn Those Terms!

UGH! Loglines, how much more am I to take!

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So I’ve been thinking….(not sure if this is a good or bad thing…..) if I should post once a week or once a day…but I think I’ll try posting every night before going to sleep–at least try!– and write about what I did that day. Only if it was interesting….

No.I’m not talking about,  ” Dear all, today I met so and so, and we had a blast! I then had lunch with A :D.”

More along the lines of just describing anything that happened relating to my writing adventure that day and even post pics. And what better way then try storytelling it..since that’s what I want to do right? errr…learn to do :laughs:

So moving along…..

Today after finally getting up from bed and drinking TONS and TONS of coffee…. Nah, after drinking two cups and doing my daily routine of chores and getting ready for the day, I sat on my desk and went over terminology. I’ll be frank, learning new terms takes time and patience. It’s just like everything else.


As I went over the terms, I was writing notes on what to look over when rereading my script later that day, while going over my flashcard information.
**I write during the night, since it’s less busy and everyone goes to sleep. Perfect time to focus on writing without interruptions!

Believe me, I am trying, TRYING to be a good student. This class didn’t start off so well for me. Well it’s not bad either..I’m just trying to keep a very good GPA is all… but I am determine! I want to get writing for animation.

So I finished a little earlier today, since writing was flowing like water for me yesterday, and I was able to finish my scene.

What I Did Today:

  • Go over my scene
  • Switch a few actions around 
  • Checked format
Now, my strategy is to not open my scene file at all tomorrow. Why you might ask? Well, by leaving it alone, I’ll be able to have a fresh perspective on Saturday, when I proofread and see whether to add or delete additional stuff. But this doesn’t mean, I have a free day tomorrow. Nope. No siree. I have a GLORIOUS date with loglines :D….and a few other analytical questions based on the animated show Home Movies. Any of you seen it before?
If you haven’t you should….weird….<—-wasn't a fan until now… Link
And to conclude….
……Ta Da!
The lovely notes from earlier today

Well, I leave you all with the link and picture from above.
Till next time,

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