This week was a whole new experience for me. I was introduced to writing scripts for animation and became aware of just how much details go to it. One thing is certain, writing for animation is not easy. As a writer, you have to call all the shots.
For example:
ANGLE ON<—- what do you want the illustrator to focus on, a specific expression or person.
FAVORING<—-if there is a group and you want to focus a specific character for a shot, use this.
CLOSE-UP ON<— like making the camera zoom in on someone or something
SFX<—Is there any sound effects you must state the type. 
But most importantly dialogue. Because in animation, voice actors also help bring to life your character (the voice providers), you need to add everything that involves a laugh, a snort, chuckle, etc as part of dialogue.
These terms aren’t even half of what animation involves but believe me, the fact that as a writer you need to be able to include all actions and shots for the storyboard artist to see, it’s stressful, and I admire all those that deal with this….
I don’t think I ever thought of just how much work really goes into animation, and now I have a different perspective about it.

And because I do, I really want to learn the trait.

Now about my scene…
Today (or is it better to say yesterday?) afternoon, I reread and proofread my scene. And you know what? I now believe that this particular story would be better as a manga.

I would like to write one….

In fact, I’m actually considering on focusing my thesis on the graphic novel option, but :sighs: I’m still thinking about it.
It would be awesome and scary at the same time…I mean if I do focus on graphic novels, then I would need to hire someone that would be willing to be my illustrator since I truly would like to do that…. and since I can’t draw…even if my life depending on it…well you get the point.
Now about tomorrow,  I start a new assignment and I am rather excited 🙂
Here is a sneak peek of what I worked on. I know I have a lot of work to do, if I ever want to become a professional, but I believe I’m getting there…
Oh and those loglines…yes, they are there…following me wherever I go. Frankly I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of them Tuzki Bunny Emoticon.
So there is only one thing to do….observe and practice!
Well, I do hope you found writing for animation somewhat interested….and if you didn’t then I’m sorry…I guess, I didn’t do a good job describing it. 
Till next time,
Teaser, Fade in, Fade out, End teaser are involve in animation…I just wanted to included in this post 🙂

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