A Hint of What is to Come

Today I felt that the day took longer to come to a close. Weird…. I actually had a relaxing day in the morning because I knew… I so knew I was going to be busy later on…and I was…

This week we will either choose to write a scene for comics or video games. I love both. I like to play RPG games mostly, especially because of the storyline.

A great storyline = A great game.

But the only problem is that I can’t come up with games of my own. :sighs in disappointment: Isn’t that sad? I figure if I ever do enter the world of games, then editing and assisting are the jobs for me!

So yup! You guessed it!

I will be making a comic scene. It will have to be no more than 6 pages, one page more than what I had for animation :D. Happy joy!

This brings me to what I did today….

I began to research names for my characters…now keep in mind, I’ve had this story circling around, tugging my sleeve for what seems forever! But for some reason, I have stalled…and stalled and stalled. Reason: No good name ever came.

What was I expecting? For them to POOF out of nowhere for me….seriously.


I now officially have names and last names, and I have to thank a friend for helping me out. She sort of helped me get on the right path, so thank-you 🙂

So am I excited about this week?

You bet!

Am I going to be sleep deprived?

I can’t quite remember what sleep is to begin with :’)

Oh….want to know the best part?

Do you….

…..Are you sure?

Okay, I’ll tell you…

I just found out that next month I have to submit a video, pitching the two ideas I am going to consider for my thesis. In the end, out of the two, I will choose one.

Now as I read this so-called Important Note, I only had one reaction, and one reaction only.

Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend.

Till next time,



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