The Beginning…

Today my brain went into overload. EXTREME overload. There is just so much information regarding comics and video games, that it’s just wow…

Writing for video games is highly unlikely for me, unless of course I had a background in game design, since to most, these two fit in the same category. I don’t know game design, so getting a job is…well you get the point. I’m still considering editing though. I can do that :).

Since my scene is going to be on comics, I decided to print these:

Hmmm…it’s not much but believe me, there is a difference between DC script style and Marvel script style (the two styles giving as example in the book but not THE only ones…). I have to read through them and study them, so far, I think I’ll be inclining towards DC for now.

I hope to come up with my own style sometime soon :).

I must confess, writing whether for t.v, animation, comics, and video games, is becoming overwhelming… but in the long run, it will be worth it!

Now the funny thing was that after reading, reading, reading…. I had to take a break. I just had to! So what was I to do?

Well, I’ve been eyeing my Sailor Moon collection, so I watched the first episode…It’s been ages :laughs: then I decided to watch the first episode of Mobile Suit Gundam :). Brings back memories….

…back to business….

After my very long break… I sat down and began to write one out of three backstories I am working on. I’m not turning them in, but I have come to see just how important it is to have backstories for all characters. I wanted to write Mira’s backstory, but as I began to type, nothing came out. I’m just really, really sleepy.

:crosses fingers: let’s hope tomorrow is better and I’ll be able to finish those backstories. As long as I finish them all before Thursday I’ll be good.

So now…if only I can be directed to where a thing call bed is….

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Till next time,



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