Comic Scene…check!

It took me the entire day to write six pages but I finally finished the scene :’). Now imagine, if it takes me a day to write six pages, how many days does it take a professional? Yeah, I started to wonder that earlier….

 :crosses fingers: Well, I hope I do okay, at least that!

Here is a glimpse of my scene :).

One thing is for sure…this was hard to do!
Well, I know it’s short and probably bland…but that’s all I had for tonight. Tuzki Bunny Emoticon.
Now before, I really, TRULLY, say bye…
Have any of you read Pandora’s Heart v.1? 
I finally finished it. The reason I got it was because I’ve heard from quite a few that it’s really good and you know what? It’s just amazing! I can’t wait to get v.2! ^_^
Now I will say…
Till next time,


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