Slow Start Among Other Things

Believe it or not, today was an actual slow day…weird.

Did all my reading and I’m just waiting for the rest of my team to send me one of their scenes to get critique by me.

One of the Assignments

Basically our professor split us all into 3 groups. I’m in a class of 18 students :laughs: I SO didn’t know this. Anyhoo…we all had to submit one of the scenes to get critique by each and everyone in your team.

Critique is good, remember that.

Now the deadline to send the scene to everyone in your team was 11pm EST. Have I received all the scenes? Have I? Nope!
Yes, things happen but deadlines are deadlines and if you are going to work for the entertainment industry then YOU must be punctual my friend. UGH! some people.Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

Moving Along….

Have any of you read Understanding Comics? Whether you want to make your own comics or just want to understand comics because you appreciate them, this is a great book. I recommend it :). I’m reading this at the moment, when time permits, and believe you me(yes, I intentionally wrote it like that lol)… it makes you look at comics differently. The best part? The book is a comic of it’s own, making it entertaining and informative at the same time. Best combination ever! I bought it at BN for around $17 or so, but I’m sure if you look around you might find it for less. Seriously. Check it out.


Okay, since I can’t draw I am thinking of searching for either a freelance illustrator or an art student to work on a project with me. It’s not a right away project, but a it-will-definitely-happen within the next few months; after I clean it up a bit of course. Pay? Hmm…I might be able, but it’s like low budget because it will be very short and it’s for a personal and portfolio reasons :). Other option is credit and IF and maybe IF possible and everything works out and I know its probable then hopefully working on it as a real project later on, but I can’t make any promises.

I guess this would be one of those “Hey! this can work out for both of us in the future!” type of thing. So for now, if you are a student and are trying to get something under your belt or a freelancer who would like to try a project, then definitely keep checking back.

I am also thinking of checking artists in DA. Hey, I’ve seen some of those works. AMAZING!

Unfortunately at the moment I can’t really get into detail, like I said, I’m still working on it, but it’s going to be kind of dark?

Well…that’s all I have for today.

Till next time,



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