Who Would’ve Thought!

As I mentioned previously (last post actually lol) we were all placed in three different groups to critique each others work, but with the luck I tend to have at times, I got placed in a group that has not, and I mean NOT picked up a comic before.

How Did I Find Out?

After we read all the scenes sent to us by all the group members we had to post our thoughts, suggestions, etc, on the Discussion Board. Now, my group was made of four ladies, myself included, and two guys. One didn’t send his scene, the other hasn’t read a comic, THAT was a shocker! I mean, how many guys don’t pick up a comic, at least once?

But what sort of hit was the reality that here in the U.S not many women read comics and if a woman writes a comic scene, guys will really somehow dislike it (well, not all guys). That’s something to keep in mind :).

Moving on…

But the downfall was that since no one in my group has read comics, all suggestions, were good, but there was something missing…

The opinion of someone who has actually read a comic. That was disappointing.

Now the good news is that I have a few friends, who HAVE read comics and mangas, so I sent them my scene for feedback purposes instead.

I need to revise my scene before the weekend is over for submission.


The things you learn in the world of screenwriting Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

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2 thoughts on “Who Would’ve Thought!

  1. That's really weird. I understand that some women don't have the same passion I have for mangas and comics but guys? Most of the people I discuss my manga obsession with are guys. *shrugs* Oh well, I guess there are still some men whose world does not revolve around Naruto and Superman. =)

  2. :sighs: Yeah, I know what you mean Emma. But that had been such a surprise to me lol. I don't know majority of guys that I know have at least once picked up a comic :laughs: Live and Learn I suppose 🙂

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