From MTG to Literary Research

And the transition begins!

I finally submitted the rewrite to my comic scene earlier tonight. Meaning, my Multimedia Terms and Genres course has officially ended!!Tuzki Bunny Emoticon  

But that just means that…Literary Research is about to begin…. well, Monday that is. I’m excited since what I’m about to learn will help me create the foundation to a strong story. I already received an email from my next professor and even though I haven’t read it thoroughly, I believe she wants us to tell her what it is we will focus for thesis. ALREADY!

:sighs: There is no rest… is there?

I received my books for this class though 😀

I SHOULD read… 
I think I could wait for Monday or late Sunday to begin :laughs:
Well that’s all I have for tonight everyone. I also want to thank everyone that has visited…once…twice…thrice…thank you! ^_^
Till next time,


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