Just One of Those Days

So today I sent my professor the logline for thesis. It took me a few hours to work on it, but I finally wrote it down. It does look promising so :keeps finger cross:

Now, my problem is that as I was writing my character bios for this one story, I was thinking of another story I want to work on. Ya, it’s a pain.


So basically at the moment, I’m considering my thesis to be a comic. So if any of my LJ friends are reading this…I might send an email and hope for somewhat of an interview. Of course I will explain why in the email so don’t worry :).

So once the logline was submitted and everything else was finish, I decided to create three character bios…yeah, I just finished the last bio :laughs: and so far they look okay.

I just hope my characters come to life and tell a story of their own.


This class is pure research. I still have to think of a place I want to go to and observe. Ya…I shall stalk a few people in a few days. All for information and dialogue :D.

I have no clue where to go though Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

And the research continues.

Hmm…now that I look back, this seems rather a boring post… Sorry ^^;;;

Guess, research is boring even when blogging about it.


I hope to bring great stuff next time!

Till then,



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