Change of Plans?!

:Sighs: Okay…so my story has just gone from a comic script to a might be movie script.


After writing that great logline I was proud of, I started to become doubtful of my thesis.

Was this the right idea?

Does it make sense?

Is my story interesting enough?

Are my characters interesting at all?

These were the types of thoughts going through my mind.

There was something about my idea I didn’t like. I have to admit, this particular idea was one I had written as a light-novel a few years ago. This is the one idea that made me want to make a comic. I guess, this is why I’ve been stubborn about it.

But I just didn’t know what to do.

I soon started to create proper bios for my characters, and after I finished writing them, I just stared at the computer—dissatisfied.

All I thought about at night was my characters and the story. It was bugging me!

Then today my instructor emailed me and she asked if this was a feature film idea. I’m like huh? what!?

:pulls hair out: Was I suppose to think of a future film? Did I misread something!


So I sat down again, stared at the screen again, went over some ideas again… till I finally called my instructor. Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

Present Time

I have decided to focus on this one script that can become a a movie for television. This is an idea I pulled out from another script I created in another class.

My protagonist is the same but different at the same time. Does it make sense?

Anyways,  I think I’m finally ready to start the research. 🙂

Now you might be wondering… Hey Eva, what about the comic idea?

Well in the similar words but not so similar words of one of my favorite manga characters, I shall answer, “I will write and read scripts for a living, but writing comics, is nothing but a hobby I enjoy and hope to make money out of it too.”

Do you know where I got this from? Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

If you do please enlighten me in the most discreet way lol!

So I guess in other words….

:smiles: I will write a comic and my research will start in a few weeks… and believe me I AM determine about this, so please support me when that time comes to spread the word.

Well, that’s all I have for tonight.

Have a good one everyone!

Till next time,



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