A Story to Tell

On December 13, a pup of five months was going to get killed because it had been in the shelter for three months already, and that particular shelter tends to be overcrowded since not many people visit it.

But a miracle happened.

On December 11 my parents had this urged to get a dog, and so they started to Google dogs for adoptions. Because they have had dogs before, and because they love dogs, they had decided to adopt a shelter dog, and well, on one of the craigslist ads they stumbled on was this one five month pup that had a very short amount of time to live. This got their attention, why?  I’m not certain, but that’s how it went down, and so on the 12, they had decided to go see it. The one thing my siblings and I told them was that if this particular pup was for them, then it would have some of the traits our previous dogs had.

Well so we hoped…

From what my sister told me, when the pup first saw them she was scared, in fact she had pee. That’s how afraid of people the pup was. The worker of the shelter that was taking care of the pup, as my parents and sister saw it, said that this pup had such a terrible life before coming to the shelter. I mean, the poor pup didn’t even know what wagging a tail was, but my sister, when she got closer to the pup and looked in its eyes, she saw this ball of energy waiting to come out– waiting for the right individual(s) to open the door to its true persona.

Well, my parents got touched by this pup’s story, and so it was adopted, but they weren’t able to take the pup home because the pup had to get spay/neuter.

On December 13, the pup had finally come home. When I first saw the pup my heart ached, it was small, scared, skinny, and didn’t have that curiosity that most pups have at five months (believe me, I should know!) but I also understood it was because of this pup’s previous history.

This pup was broken and needed lots of love and patience.

We all understood that.

Anyways to make this short, almost two weeks later we now have a healthy five month female puppy name Lulu the Terrible a.k.a Jaws. She is half Pitbull and half German Shepherd.

She is a ball of energy that because of teething, bites everyone and everything! And is always running around, wagging her tail nonstop, and crawling around. She acts as if all that terrible things that had happened not so long ago are just a mere thing from the past.

So on behalf of Lulu and my family, I wish you all a Merry Christmas

And this story here is what inspired my mini comic for my Wednesday course. Now I want to speak to my instructor and hope to have the chance of selling this short comic and have all profits send to the shelter… it’s a thought for now ^_^

and yes, she is wearing a turtleneck because its just been so chilly this past few days :’D.


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