Reminiscing on fanfiction

Have you ever had one of those moments when you begin to reminiscing about a particular subject and what not? Well I did not so long ago.

Even though fanfiction isn’t like by some writers of well known books, I personally appreciate it. In fact, fanfiction is what made me come back to writing.

Of course the first time I wrote fanfiction it wasn’t successful, but I didn’t give up and just kept on trying. I soon began to get reviews that said how they liked my stories and other reviews that said that I needed to keep on trying.

And I did.

A year a go I made this one particular 15 chapter fic for one of my favorite fandoms. I had my ups and downs; there were also times when I just wanted to drop the project, but knowing that there were readers out there waiting for my writing is what kept me going.

Once I had finished, I received a large amount of reviews (something I never had expected!) and some of those reviews are what encourage me to enroll in a creative writing program.

I guess in a way, fanfiction is what made me come back to writing. Well there is that, and also knowing that I have the support of my readers and fans.

Now that I look back I know for a fact that because of fanfiction I was able to find my writing voice and I was able to experiment with different writing styles; some worked, other’s didn’t. But the most important thing was that I had fun.

So I would like to say thank you to all my dearies out there that had been with me since the beginning and I hope I don’t disappoint you.

Till next time,



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