Sometimes You Need a Second Take…

During the month of December I pitched my story to the Creative Writing Masters of Fine Arts (CWMFA) Thesis Committee. They are the ones that say whether your story is a go, or if you need to tweak it, or if you just need to come up with something entirely different.

In other words they were the ones who said if the story was good enough or not.

Unfortunately during the beginning of January I was told my pitch wasn’t approved, that it was missing something, but I sort of knew that too…. 

After I finally got my bachelor’s degree I didn’t know what I wanted to do next. Like many other recent graduates I was at a lost, especially in this economy, so I started to focus a lot more on my writing… and the words of of my 5th grade teacher and from one of my English professors came to mind, “You should consider English or writing for a Masters…” and “Eva should just become a writer, she has the potential to do it.”
I was hesitant at first. Am I good enough? I asked myself quite often, even though I knew that there were readers out there who liked my storytelling. But like all writers, I wasn’t confident…
But when I found out that my sister was getting her Masters in Architecture… well that  made me want to go after one as well. Only that this time it was going to be something I wanted (not like my bachelors), so writing was the first thing that came to mind.
I wanted a Masters in Creative Writing. I wanted to write.
Now I should know that things never go as planned, and that’s what happened. I stumbled upon the school I am in right now, but when I asked for information I was informed that this school was for the entertainment business. Sure I was hesitant at first, but I went for it in the end. After all, I wanted to write my own comics someday.
So here was another dilemma, I didn’t have an idea for a script in mind… In fact writing for movies, television, games, and even animation had never crossed my mind!
I had entered the UNKNOWN.
But the unknown might be what I’m good at. Well that’s what I’ve noticed recently….
So after finding out my pitch was rejected I started to question myself. I wanted to know what I did wrong. What I didn’t understand.

With the help of my instructor I was able to see my mistake(s). You can say I had an AHA moment (one of many actually) and I rewrote my entire story paradigm; I changed my entire idea and created something a bit different. Something I was confident in…

So earlier today I was informed that my pitch was approved. The best news EVER!
This is when I realized that it’s not that it’s not good enough, it’s just that it CAN be better…
So no matter how crazy it is.
 Or how many times you might be rejected. 
Don’t give up but find out how it can become what it HAS to be…
Because in the end,  there are times in life when you need a second take.
Till Next Time

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