To Cosplay or Not to Cosplay?
Well that is the question you should be asking yourself  if you are in Los Angeles during the month of March, preferably if you are near the San Fernando Valley. 
On March 6, Fire Rose Production will be having its first ever cosplay contest. Now for  a small fee of $8.00 not only do you get to hear live music and sit down through some great comedy (while wearing your awesome outfit!), but you get to help this nonprofit organization raise funds for a special performance or art program. 
For example, this years proceeds will go to a special performance of Arigato kid… so if you have nothing better to do on Sunday, then put on your coolest cosplaying outfit and go, go, Go!
Now if you are like me, then go out there and have fun. Not only will you be admiring great cosplayers, but some well known voice-over actors will be having a “meet and greet” and will be judging this contest, so in a way, you never know what crazy thing could come out of it.
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