From Ramen to Maneki Nekos

So a few weeks ago, The Ramen Girl showed up on my “Top Picks For You” section on Netflix. Well I like Ramen, and not only was Brittany Murphy in it, but also Toshiyuki Nishida, who was in one of my all time favorite jdramas Tiger & Dragon, so of course I watched it.

Now seriously… if you can, go watch it; it was extremely cute, but be careful, because by the end of the movie you might want some ramen.


So I’ve been dying for some ramen since than, but haven’t had the time, that is, until today. Two of my siblings and I were going to head to Little Tokyo, but changed our minds and headed to this one ramen shop in Van Nuys named Kyushu Ramen.

The restaurant was of a decent size and rather  comfy, at least for me. Now about their food… their food was delicious! There was so much to pick from the menu, and I just couldn’t decide between curry and ramen, I mean they both are yummy!!!!

Well, in the end my sister and I went with Ramen, while my brother decided on fried chicken with noodles and coleslaw. Gosh… it was all  

Here are some pictures, but I warn you, I’m no photographer.

My sister’s ramen order. It had veggies, seafood, and of course pork.
          Okay, this is the chicken with the noodles, and coleslaw… believe me, it’s good!


       As for me, I had ramen and of course some Asahi super dry draft beer,        yeah… this was extremely refreshing and it didn’t taste like beer at all!

As for dessert, we shared an order of Banana Fritt. I would go here just for this!

AND then there was….

Well after a delish lunch we headed back to Santa Clarita and decided to go to Tokyo Japanese Lifestyle. Personally I never heard of this store until today, so of course I was curious to know what they carried.

They have a modest collections of items, but my favorite section was the one with the HUGE collection of Kingdom Hearts items; as a big fan I now know where to go.

I didn’t get anything in particular, but this here caught my eyes:

So of course I had to get it.
And then, my sister decided to give me this:
A cute Maneki Neko (fortune cat). Now my sister said that this one in particular is to bring fortune so :crosses fingers: let’s hope its true.Tuzki Bunny Emoticon
Till Next Time


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