About Finishing Act I and Creating a Great Screenplay

I had a crazy adventure this month with my working on Act I.  I will admit it was a bit frightening staring at a blank page for what seemed like hours with my: trying to figure out what should come first, whether I needed to begin my story with Voice Over (V.O) or a flashback.

Yes, they might be minor things to worry about, but at the beginning of the month they were very important to me, and made me feel like I was a complete and total wreck!

This is when I started to remember how many had recommended writing warm-ups before focusing on any project. Yeah, I’ve done warm-ups before but not on a daily basis. So what I ended up doing was used these warm-ups as a daily road map, to help me get to my goal, which of course I would come up with as I wrote for ten minutes.

Once Act I was completed, I couldn’t help but feel proud of myself for I had accomplished something very important.

On Monday we will begin writing Act II and I’m really anxious. Everyone knows Act II is what keeps and truly makes the story.

A great screenplay has a great beginning. An AWESOME middle. And a memorable ending.

In fact as I’m writing this, my heart is raising. I’m nervous, excited, and ready for this new challenge.

Till Next Time


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