Pandora Hearts v.2


Oz Vessalius may have survived his stint in the Abyss, but he is no closer to discovering the truth behind the “sin” for which he was condemned. On the advice of a mysterious man who appeared to him when Alice regained the first of her memories, Oz, along with Alice and Pandora’s Raven, embarks on a mission to investigate the site of his disastrous coming-of-age ceremony in search of answers. However, what begins as a simple investigation becomes the revelation of a harsher reality, which comes swooping down on Oz as the hands of the clock continue ticking away mercilessly…

Volume two brought many unexpected surprises and answered quite a  few questions that we, as readers, might have had after volume one.Of course Mochizuki-sensei made the use of backstories for these:

Friendship between Oz and Gilbert 
Going back to volume one, we saw Oz and Gilbert to be friends, and we had an idea that they were close, but volume two explained the type of friendship they had, which was summarized by a phrase Gilbert said, “we are linked by our shadows, not by our light.”  This friendship is powerful and it might be one that cannot be broken. Now we can understand why it is that Gilbert tolerates everything Oz does, and yet we know, that Oz truly cares for Gilbert. It was extremely touching. And I can’t wait to see more of this friendship.

Relationship with dad
Oz relationship with dad  is not only mysterious but full of regrets. Oz regrets not asking his father why he was hated so much by him, but never got to it. So now that he is on a journey regarding the Abyss, he doesn’t want to not regret anything. It might have been just miscommunication between father and son, a probability, but we won’t be able to know till the next volume. ( Well, I hope so!)

Alice’s memory
We were finally able to have a snippet of Alice’s memory in volume two. And if many of you remember volume one, there was someone in the shadows when Oz met Alice for the first time, that said person was in her memories too! He is linked to her memories disappearing, and I want to know how they are all chained together. Yes, Alice looked so innocent and happy in her past, and I started to wonder, what happened that made her not only a chain, but a brat. But don’t worry, I still think she rocks!

Volume two  explains so much to us.

For example we find out what the Incuse is and how it works.  Why Oz is very important, for he is the key to the Abyss. The Baskervilles are tie into this (the guys that sent Oz to the Abyss). There is also the connection between Raven and Gilbert, so when I first read about it I was stunt! I wasn’t expecting it, and I congratulate Mochizuki-sensei for making me go agape about it.

Pandora Hearts volume 2 is amazing! And as you can see through my breakdown, there is so much detail giving to us by Mochizuki-sensei to the point where it wasn’t overwhelming. It all flowed nicely and at a constant pace. The art continues to be beautiful yet dark. But what I loved the most is that, even though this manga has so much darkness and sadness, Jun Mochizuki gave us pinches of comedy, creating a balance to the story. 

This continuation is a great story to a wonderful series. So please support Jun Mochizuki and purchase her manga!


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