Somewhat of a Manga Haul

So school has been keeping me busy with focusing on Act II, which I hope for the best. Who would’ve thought that Act II is the type of 60 pages one dreads…

They are intimidating actually, but when isn’t it? A writer, whether published or not must tackled obstacle to be able to improve. Those challenges only make us stronger, so that’s something I tried reminding myself. But enough about that.

I wanted to share with you all what mangas I’ll be writing about for the upcoming weeks. In fact I’ve just received some of these (I buy online 🙂 ), while some I haven’t been able to write about at all.

So let’s begin:

My Girlfriend’s a Geek by Pentabu
I bought the novel before the manga and I came to love the series. The novel is actually the blog Pentabu wrote about his adventure with his geeky girlfriend and its one of those that make you laugh-out-loud. The manga is just the novel with pretty illustrations. So I can’t wait to share these!
Death Note v. 2 and Pandora Hearts v. 3
I’ve been itching to opened them up and read! L is in the cover for volume 2 so that makes me happy. Now for those that don’t know, I actually watched the Death Note anime before reading the manga, but I like the manga more actually.  As for Pandora Hearts, I’ve been avoiding the anime until I catch up on the English manga releases actually, but its been tempting, so  I can’t wait!
Bunny Drop by Yumi Unita
I felt in love with volume 1 and instantly purchased volume 2. Yeah, I’ve flipped through the book but haven’t sat down to read. I love the pink cover though, a soft pastel. I think it fits nicely really. And Rin looks so pretty here. I really can’t wait to read this too! 
I also have a list of mangas I also want to read and I’m always looking for new ones. I’m really open minded when it comes to them. Just give me a story with a plot, character development, and pretty illustrations and I might consider them.
Till next time!

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