My Girlfriend’s a Geek v1.0

This blog is a record of battle as dictated by a man with a fujoshi girlfriend.
Okay, that was a lie. I’m not fighting at all.
The war is purely one-sided. Each day I am dragged further and further into the world of otaku.
I cannot be held responsible for any damages incurred by reading this blog
and falling into the same predicament.
There is much otaku talk contained within, so please follow your directions carefully, and do not exceed your recommended dosage.


My Girlfriend’s a Geek or as I like to call it for short, MGG, is as mentioned in the above synopsis, a blog created by Pentabu. Right from the very first page Pentabu caught my attention and made me laugh like no tomorrow. 

Is there really a plot? 

Well no. This is Pentabu’s blog about his experience with his girlfriend Y-ko. Nothing more. The reason it is a novel is because his blog became very popular years ago when it was online, but what’s important is that it can relate to many readers that know a fujoshi, is a fujoshi, or dates a fujoshi. This is what makes this novel amusing, because we then know where Pentabu is coming from. 

The one thing about this novel that might lose your interest, or make it one of those novel you just wouldn’t even read, is if you wouldn’t know or are aware of the term fujoshi. 

Something special about this novel is the format as you will be able to see from my copy:

Notice how its written similar to maybe a stage play format, and in the left-bottom corner we see a small manga strip, adding humor to the event.



The protagonist and storyteller of the novel. The one that  had his life changed as soon as he started to date Y-ko. The timid one that can’t say “no” to the girlfriend and is walked all over by her. He is a passive character, making me feel bad for him at times really. But interesting enough, he has an open mind and because he loves Y-ko is able to at least tolerate some of her antics.


 The fujoshi woman that cosplays and has plenty of fujoshi friends. She is bossy towards Pentabu, but has a kind heart, in a way. Because of her hobby, Pentabu created a blog, and quite frankly it seems it didn’t matter to her, but I might be wrong, so don’t quote me on that. She is a very entertaining person to read about it.


If you want a good laugh, especially if you know what a fujoshi is, then you should purchase the novel because from beginning to end you will laugh. As I said before, this novel was based on a blog, so it uses a lot of the reader’s imagination, but its worth it. So please support Pentabu, Y-ko, and Yen Press by purchasing this book.


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