When One Journey Ends a New One Begins

“It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing 
themselves–in finding themselves.” ~Andre Gide

It’s been a while since I las blogged. A very long while indeed. There’s a lot I need to write about, but we all know that might not happen. So, why not move on, right?

I will finish with my M.F.A in Creative Writing from Full Sail University next month, and that means that I have officially completed my first full-lenght movie script. It was an interesting journey. I had the opportunity to master Final Draft, experiment with Toon Boom Storyboard Pro, and become familiar with Timeline 3D. All of these are great programs, and yes, I now see the benefits of using them for writing purposes.

I was able to experience my own writing adventure. I was able to feel the ups and downs of creating characters, a story, and doing the research. I went through a rewriting process and received useful feedback from peers and instructors. My pride was also swallow somewhere along the way.

And now, after so many doubts and fears, I am ready.

Now, I’m ready to create more scripts and go as far as I can.



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