Just Because the Pearl is Small it doesn’t Mean it has No Value

“And the trouble is, if you don’t risk anything, 
you risk even more.” ~Erica Jong

A few weeks ago, I was finished with a job contract as a Quality Assurance Specialist (QA). You know, the one that edits, researches, writes, and goes over the surveys that are done by mystery shoppers. I did enjoy the position, but they couldn’t keep me.  So now, here I am looking for a new job and it’s hard.

Well, with the way the economy is at the moment, that’s no surprise.

Now on the upside, I have been able to land a few interviews. Usually, I have the skills they need (you know, the writing, editing, researching, and marketing techniques). Unfortunately, I don’t have the experience they desire.

I understand that when a company is hiring, they want someone with the experience–even though they say education matters too–but don’t consider those that don’t have it. Unless there’s an extreme need. Now, I’m not saying this is always true because it’s not.

Now my question is, how are we suppose to acquire the experience the companies need, if no one is willing to take a gamble on us “inexperience” job seekers?

Ah, yes. No one ever said finding a job was easy, but I do hope someone will be willing to take a gamble on me.

To all my fellow job seekers out there, good luck! And remember, don’t give up.

Till next time.

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