A Day when my Imagination wouldn’t Stop

“Listen to the voices.” ~William Faulkner

Today was a day when my imagination was running wild. A few months I got an idea for a new script but because I was busy working on my thesis script, I actually placed it aside. I did write the idea down though. However, the more I neglect this new story, the more it comes to torment me (in a good way). Sure, call me crazy. I am after all a writer.

If that’s not enough, now that I have finally finished writing my thesis script, I am actually going to rewrite it. From another character’s point of view that is. Isn’t that the whole point of rewriting anyways?

After all, a script is not perfect– it’s a work in progress.

Besides, I feel that it will be better that way anyways. Call it a gut feeling. So now I have two different stories in my hands and it will go something like this: While I wait for my-now-protagonist to speak to me and tell me how the story should go, I will begin the research phase on my other story and this includes coming up with the bios.

I think I will be able to manage it, and now that I will be officially done with school I will have time to write and create.

Don’t you just love inspiration?

Till next time,



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