Where I Come to Realize

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” The human mind always makes progress, 
but it is a progress in spirals.” ~Germaine De Stael

A few weeks ago I was fortunate to land a job, which means I can pay my bills and go on with my life. And no, it’s not a writing job…

Now lately I’ve been neglecting my writing (I’ve been trying to get the hang of things at work), but today there was this small incident that made me realize how much I want to write for a living.

And this is when I came to realize that I need to push myself more.

After all, I believe everything that happens to us can helps us achieve our ultimate goal, whatever that might be. So during lunchtime I decided to start working on a few loglines for a contest I’ve been contemplating on.

The way I see it is, we as people tend to become comfortable doing or being in a particular spot that we tend to forget what we really are after. Which is why being reminded  is always a good thing.

So remember that.

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