Where I Talk About Sucking it up and Letting Someone See My Work

Screenplay Reading - Nov 2009 #5
Photo: Matthew Newton/NH Film Office
“Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly.” ~ Robert F. Kennedy

Our passion for writing might be seen by the amount of research we do or the many courses we take to hone our writing skills. We make sure we get better and dedicate an amount of hours to writing. We see ourselves as writers and we write quite a few scripts or manuscripts — to the point were we are extremely proud of them. Hey, it took determination to do all that work!

But there is one thing…

Deep within us lives a thing call uncertainty. The one that stops us from submitting our work or sharing it among our friends and families. We tend to begin having doubts about how it’s not good enough or how there’s room to make it better. And yes, that may be true. But we won’t know until someone else reads it. In fact, they might see something we missed.

Personally, I want the right people to see my work and one day hire me to write a script for them. Or so that’s what I hope for. Yet I haven’t really submitted anything anywhere. How is my talent to shine when I myself haven’t done anything about it?

Isn’t that like contradicting myself?

Which is why I came to the conclusion that I need to push my doubts and uncertainties aside and suck it up. Yes, I will be rejected (that’s a giving!) but at least I’m putting myself out there. And one good way to do this is by entering writing contests.

The price money would be nice, but I want feedback. I want the feedback from those that are already in the industry. Whether I taught myself the writing skills or went to school to learn them doesn’t matter. What’s important is what we do with them.

I know I’m not going to win right away, but at least I have taken a small step. I have decided to make it a goal of mine to show my potential to those that read my material.

My work will be criticize and tossed to the side but it will be okay.

So to all you writers out there, take a deep breath, detach yourself from your story, and let someone read it.

Let that be your and my first step to greater things.


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