What Keeps Me Going as a Writer

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                                        “I drink the wine of aspiration and the drug of illusion.                                 Thus I am never dull.” ~John Galsworthy

As a writer there are times when we don’t write. We avoid it. We don’t feel inspire. We come to have self-doubt and insecurities.

In other words, we are at a lost.

This of course is common but how we deal with it is what’s important. For example, there are writers who read scripts written by their favorite screenwriters. Others read an author’s biography (to find a connection). And some love to go back to their favorite quotes. These are all aspirations we rely on.

Personally I always go back to Julie and Julia. Since the first time I watched it I knew it was the movie for me. I was able to connect. Julie and Julia’s struggles and frustrations seemed familiar. Their determination gave me hope. The fact that they didn’t give up keeps me going.

I believe that as writers we need that one thing we can go back to to say, “Hey, don’t give up. See, you can do it” It doesn’t matter what it is(or how childish it might look to others); let that be that one thing you can rely on.

We all need inspiration.

After all, isn’t that what writing is about? So if you don’t have that one thing that keeps you going find one. And if you do, hold it tight and don’t let it go.

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