I’ve Been a WordPress Lurker Lately and not a Writer

                                    “The easiest thing to do is not write.” ~William Goldman 

I don’t have a real excuse for not posting lately– maybe the lack of inspiration or the fact that I lost my train of thought for a few weeks. One thing is certain, I’ve been neglecting blogging and gosh darn it that’s not a pleasant thing.

But of course this doesn’t mean I haven’t been productive at all (this is where I try to redeem myself).

I’ve been focusing on creating a character profile and backstory for one of my many characters for a graphic novel project. And I take character development seriously.

I have been using my white board to jot down ideas, birthday, likes/dislikes, and anything else that makes me think of the character I am focusing on. I mean there are times when that’s all I think about! Has that happened to you?

But I’m almost finish with one out of the many characters I need to work on… Gotta love procrastinating, right?

I have also been reading The Writer’s Journey:Mythic Structure For Writers by Christopher Vogler and it has made me a lot more aware about who my characters will be, what part they will play in the story, and where will they go. This book is an amazing eye opener and I recommend it. Believe me, you won’t regret it.

Ah, yes.

Before I forget, I was browsing through Syd Field’s website and found out that he has an App for the iPod Touch and iPad titled “Script Launcher.” I read about it and it’s basically helping with the process of creating the script. I am going to download it and share my experience with you all later. But for those who are interested please follow this  link, and if you try this App before I do please let me know!

Well I know I have more to tell, like how I’m going to crate train my soon-to-be two-year old dog or that I need to become more aware of my money since the boyfriend and I are considering on buying a home either this or next year. Too many experiences to record and I know that many of you have gone through the same adventures in your own ways.

Okay, I’m done rambling. I guess I’ve missed sharing with you all that now I just can’t stop typing. But before I forget, are any of you going to participate on the Script Frenzy event? I’m just curious.

Until Next Time,



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