Our Little Dirty Secret

I had a little fun writing this one. I hope you all enjoy and feedback is always welcome :).

100 Word Challenge – Week 41

Prompt: Based on a picture of old bones; an exhibit in the National of Scotland.

I know we couldn’t see much but the rays of the sun that shined in were enough for us to continue with our mission.

“I don’t know, Max. Do you think we can dig any deeper?”

“We have to! We can’t let them find it.”

I knew Ace wanted to give up, but this was too precious. We had to continue. Suddenly Ace stopped.

“Max. I hear them! There coming closer.”

Ace was right. We got caught red handed as He opened the door.

He gasped. “Why I’ll be… so this is where you guys have been hiding the bones.”


3 thoughts on “Our Little Dirty Secret

  1. Hello Eva, the 100WC is addictive, huh? 🙂 I’m intrigued to know who He is, especially with a capital ‘H.’ The language and names sound modern, so that makes it even more intriguing – and what (or rather whose) bones are they burying? Nice piece.

    1. Yes it is! Unfortunately I would’ve gone over the 100 words to say who he was :(. But it’s just a funny piece about two dogs hiding their bones and the He is the master :). Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. It means a lot 😀

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