My Two Cents

I’ve been reading a few posts over the past few weeks regarding obtaining an M.F.A in Creative Writing. The one big questions that usually arises is, “Is it worth it?”

And my answer to that is, yes!

No, an M.F.A in Creative Writing does not mean job security. It does not mean getting yourself published as soon as you graduate. It actually does not bring a lot of what we wish it did. It only brings debt.


And I believe this is what’s truly meaningful in obtaining a writing degree.

An M.F.A showers you with knowledge. It helps your build your fundamentals. Sure you can purchase tons and tons of reference books and go by the trial-and-error method; but learning from professionals that are out there already. Being push by your professors to do your best. The lack of sleep. Coming to realize your true potential when you are dedicated and come to be reminded each and every day just how valuable this experience has been.

In a way you are one step closer to achieving your goal–even if that is still years away.

I know many will say, “Well, you can learn all of that without getting a degree.” And it might be true. Actually… it is true.

Yet the experience and the adventure you embark on while taking all those courses is just different. And believe me, I’m talking due to experience. I may not have my dream  job yet, but I know I will get there because I’m using the skills that were taught to me. The dots are there for me. They have been placed. I just need to connect them.

The degree isn’t getting you your dream job. It’s what you make of it that really matters. So if you get the opportunity to enroll in a writing program and you’re okay getting that additional debt under your belt.

Go for it.

Just don’t come to regret it or you will come to see it as a burden instead of a gift to yourself.

Until next time,


“Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.”~ Chinese Proverb


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