It’s Not My Time

If I thought the challenge before was hard this doesn’t compare. At first I wanted to write around a relationship but as I started the writing process it took a different turn. I wasn’t thinking of writing this challenge the way it came out but it decided to keep it. I hope you enjoyed it.

This week’s 100 Word Challenge’s keyword is: …The Flame Flickered Before…

Dear, Diary

I love candles!

Not only do candles have a wonderful fragrance to them— sometimes even addictive. But what I find even more amazing is that once that flame is showering us with her brightness, she has to fight to keep it going. Which is why for such a small item the impact it has on people is interesting. There are times when I come to believe that my light has flickered for the last time but right before I give my last breath something inside me ignites because the flame flickered before but it’s not my time yet.


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