This Week’s Great Finds

I was suppose to have this up over the weekend but due to an important event in my life (I got engaged! ) I had to postpone it. I will definitely catch up, that’s for sure.

So last week I stumbled upon these great finds. I hope you add them to your favorites as I have done. Or at least take a few minutes to check them out. And if you think you have something that others should know about please let me know. I will be more than happy to share your great finds.

Feedback Fridays. This is a very interesting blog. Basically you have to submit your first ten pages, title page, and logline (sounds familiar?) to Rob who comes and picks a script that will be review each Friday. Basically is a free script analysis of your script. Best part is that on Fridays, after the script has been chosen, the analysis is share on the blog. Everyone can then go and comment on it. It is a great way to obtain feedback! So worth checking out!

Balls of Steeis a great weekly  column over at Scriptmag written by Jeanne Bowerman. Last weeks column  was all about pitch tips. So if you think that you are ready to go and pitch that script of yours take a few minutes and read her article. You won’t regret it.

Lastly, I don’t know about you but I think that there should be a balance between the story and its characters. “Ask the Experts: More Important – Story or Character?” is a great article that you can reflect on. Richard Walter had some great pointes and if you’re ready to go over your script for a rewrite go read the article. You might have a second thought.

Well, that’s all my great finds from last week. And as I’ve mentioned before, if there’s a great find that you want to share with me please do.

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