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I believe that when a movie makes me cry, someone did something right.

 Even before watching Brave, I had been hearing that the movie wasn’t what some had expected (this coming from reviewers), so before my fiancé and I went to see it I had to remind myself that I needed to see this with an open mind. After all, how can I judge a movie without even seeing it myself, right?

And yes, I agree with them. The movie isn’t what we, as viewers, have thought it to be by what the trailers have showed us. The trailers show a young lady who will fight–prove to be strong– and doesn’t believe in set destinies. So we believe that Brave is a movie about women power!

But it’s not.

Brave is a movie about not following tradition, but its focus is more on the relationship between a mother and daughter who are at that stage when they can’t see eye-to-eye or know how to communicate with each other. Sounds familiar, ladies?

Personally, I think this is a movie that will connect a lot more with women because we have all had that time in our lives when, “mom just doesn’t understand!”

It’s a movie where both mom and daughter go through a transformation and shows each of them how there’s more to them.

I enjoyed it. It made me cried. And I connected with it. The magic part threw me off somewhat but it is a Disney’s Pixar movie so it should be expected.

But remember, when you go see Brave go with an open mind. Enjoy the story. Be amazed with the details the creators have added to it. And enjoy the amazing soundtrack. Yet most of all, just have fun and take it in.


My take: 4/5

Do I want to read the script: Yes! Where is it?!


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