I Might Just Need A New Alibi

This was a fun challenge for me. I hope you all enjoy. And remember, likes and feedbacks are always welcome! 🙂

This week’s 100 Word Challenge’s keyword is: … I blamed it on the dog…

 I just don’t get it! In fact, I’m starting to think my mom just likes to send me to my room for everything! Take the time that the vase broke (something about being worth a lot of money). I was sent to my room. The day the chocolate chip cookies disappeared, she sent me to my room without dessert. Dessert! Isn’t that illegal?!

 I’m starting to think that mom is conspiring against me…

And just today, you guessed it—I’m in my room!


Well… I forgot to do my homework, and I blamed it on the dog.

Maybe that just wasn’t such a great idea.


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