A Thousand Years

So I’ve listened to A Thousand Years by Christina Perri quite a few times. Okay. A lot of times. I actually love it. And every time it’s playing I have these scenes and characters come to life. So what I did was a song interpretation.  And this is what came out.

Love is Nothing but a Courageous Step One Takes

They say I shouldn’t think about it.

It is after normal.

Yet when I do.

When my heart starts pounding.

I become frightened.



Maybe because I don’t know where it will take us.

Will it even work?

Don’t get me wrong— I want to give it a try.

But I’m afraid!

Yet…looking at you.

You looking at me.

I know it’s true.



Please tell me that if I give this a try.

Your love for me will stay true and sincere.

Because deep inside.

Because you know this too.

I am in love with you.

Did you like it? Would you like me to write more? Do you know a song I should consider? Let me know. This should be a fun project to continue.

Until next time,



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