It’s Better To Just Ask

There are times when asking for something we need is extremely hard, especially if we are asking those we don’t know…

I’ve been reading a few books lately about  screenwriting and they always mention that sometimes is better to ask a professional writer for one of their scripts from the series you are trying to write for.

 If you’re lucky and get a copy of the script you can have a sense of what the executives are looking for when reading spec scripts, and as an added bonus you see the work of a professional screenwriter first hand. Sure, in today’s world you are able to find scripts online but that’s not always the case.

Especially if you’re trying to write a spec for animation!

Recently I realized that I can find a lot more scripts on sitcoms and dramas online than on animated series. 

So I decided to take the authors’ advice and go for it. I decided to go straight to the source and ask. Not because I wanted to but because I needed to. I need to write, read, and breath animation scripts. I want to learn and get better.

 I’ve never done this before so I was extremely nervous!

These are busy people you know. All these scenes about the many ways they would reject me came to mind. Part of me didn’t want to do it but part of me knew I had to.

 And you know what?

 It went better than expected. Sure, I didn’t get a script but the writer was more than happy to give me some pointers, and those are priceless.

 I am aware that there will be times when I will be ignore and that’s fine because as long as I don’t take it personally and move on I will get the answer I’m looking for, or even something better and unexpected.

Remember, not all writers can share their work with you, even if they want to, but if they are more than happy to give you a few pointers, take them. Learn from them. Use them.

We are all shy to an extent but if it will help us with our work we need to go for it.

We need to just ask.

Until next time,



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