Bizarre I Tell You!

I wanted to write something more deep for this prompt but instead this came out. I hope that you enjoy it and please like or comment. It’s always appreciate it :).

Prompt: … the rain turned the road into a river…


You have to believe me! Sure, I’ve lied here and there. But the thing is I was there. I was there when it happened!


You want to know?



Why not!

I was minding my own business, pushing anything that was standing in my way.  The usual. When out of the blue thunder and rain just came falling down.

It was bizarre!

Out of a freakin’ movie!

No, of course I wasn’t scare.

…A-anyways, next thing you know, the rain turned the road into a river.

And if that’s not all, I need to get back home, but I can’t swim! So can you spare me a dime? I need to get back home on the boat.


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