When Enough is Enough

For such an easy prompt I had a hard time writing something down.  I was actually going to throw in the towel and give up. But I decided not to. I needed to write. I hope you enjoy.

Prompt: …. the line was drawn ….

I told them that it was okay. I said that I had move on.

At first they didn’t believe me.

They though it was just a bluff.

Damn! They knew me well.

Truth is I was devastated!

How could he have done that?

I just didn’t understand.

Until this very day I kept on asking, ‘what did I do wrong?’ But during my self-pity…

Something happened.

It hit me.

I had to move on.

The line was drawn.

There was no going back. And as I saw my reflection, I smiled.

It will take time.

I will heal.

For I am better than that.


4 thoughts on “When Enough is Enough

  1. I think everyone hits a bottom when something like this falls apart. But in so doing we do find that line that makes us start to bounce back.
    Very grim, and very realistic. Well done, and I hope you are doing far better now.

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