Practice what you Preach

That’s a saying many of us have heard and mentioned. But most of all, it’s true. If for example you believe that with great power comes great responsibility you will act upon it. If you tell everyone that writing everyday without giving up on your dream is what makes a passionate writer that means you are talking from experience. But if you let everyone know that they should not give up on writing, that they need to write, and you are not actually following what you are telling everyone else, what would that make you?

On my last post I wrote about what differentiates some screenwriters from others, and that is writing. Some screenwriters actually write. Others have excuses as to why they can’t.

Am I right?

I may or may not be, but one thing is certain, I’m practicing what I’ve preached and surprisingly it is actually working!

For those that don’t know I work 40 hours a week, am in a relationship, have somewhat of a social-life, own a pet, have responsibilities, and have dreams of becoming a professional screenwriter. The first five I have gotten down pretty well. The last item in my list, not so much.

But for dreams to become reality, a girl needs to work at it!

I’ve been writing an hour a day, five-to-six days a week, and it’s amazing as to what one can achieve in that one hour. I have been working on my new screenplay in that one hour and I have been accomplishing quite a lot. I still haven’t started writing the script but I’m finishing outlining my new storyline and I’m liking what I have so far.

Here, let me break it down for you:

  • I’ve written my ending, beginning, inciting incident, plot point I and II
  • I’ve written the background stories to all my characters
  • Have created the character arc for the protagonist—the Hero’s Journey.
  • Outlined Act I

It might not seemed like a lot to some but I’m proud of the work I’ve done. After all, this is actually progress for me. It means I’m one step closer to achieving my dream. God knows how long it will take, but hey I’m getting there.

I’m writing.

If I want to play with the pros I need to prove myself and I will.

So remember, if you want to reach for the sky, do it.


Until next time,



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