Burning Brightly

I hope Julia keeps on giving us prompts like this one right here. It was fun. :).

Prompt: …together the flames…

Together the flames will dance as one. Passion and fear noticeable— a constant struggle. One flame trying to overcome the other, the weaknesses and strengths, isn’t that what love is?

We fear to love but love to fear. Love is nothing but a struggle, a struggle to keep the flames dancing ever so brightly. Doubts and reassurance, feelings that constantly visit us, no longer strangers.

Yet with all these emotions burning, we know that no matter what, we are there for one another. Our passion and insecurities will come and go.

But our love will be everlasting.

Or so we hope.

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5 thoughts on “Burning Brightly

  1. hmmm…somehow left we wanting…I think it was “or so we hope”…”we fear to love but love to fear” is a very intriguing turn of phrase. I’ll have to mull that over. Thanks!

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