It’s A Great Idea! But Hold On To It

The great thing about working on a new project is that this new story will take you in a new adventure where the unexpected happens.

The downside of it is that as your writing your brand new script—additional scenes come to mind, some characters somehow seem to fit new roles, the scenes that looked perfect while creating the outline don’t fit well anymore, and the  list could go on and on. (Say, why is the negative list longer than the positive one?)

But no matter what, do not stop to make these changes! Write them down a sticky note or piece of paper and continue writing the script as you first envisioned it.

Personally that’s what I do.

The great thing about having a Mac is that I have Final Draft and Notes open simultaneously, so when an idea pops up I can note it and write the page number where I think it will fit. This helps me continue with my writing flow without losing what might be a great idea for when I begin the rewriting process.

What I’m trying to say is…

Finish that sucker!

And then feel free to make the changes that you think are needed.

Remember, note down all those delicious ideas. Some will work. Others won’t live to see another day.

But most importantly, no excuses.

Keep writing!



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