Someone Else’s Problem is Ours to Take

It is not that we are cold-hearted bastards.

It is not that we don’t care.

It is not that we aren’t taking your situation seriously.

It’s just that we are Writers–Screenwriters at that–and we observe everything that’s around us.

And when the “What Ifs” come knocking at our doors, we welcome them with open arms because we have just hit the jackpot.


There were a few situations recently that practically handed me great ides for my next few scripts and I took them.

Embraced them.

There are some events in my life that stand out as scenes and these are the ones I take from. They are the ones that I hope will connect with others and impact their life and way of thinking. At least that’s why I write.

The first times I did them, I would feel bad because I felt that I was benefiting from someone else’s sorrow and pain. What cold-hearted bastard would do that?!

Turns out Writers do.

Not because we are enjoying your pain.

Oh, no.

But the message behind it is what attracted us to your dilemma in the first place.

And when I finally realized why someone’s pain and sorrow called to me, I didn’t feel as bad.

It’s not that I’m enjoying your drama. It’s just that there’s a message their that I want to share with others. Whether it is positive or negative.

Have you felt the same? Or do you see it differently?



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