Nothing Good Comes Out Assuming–Just Doubt

Last Friday, I finally took my 2-year old dog to the dog park and beach. The reason I haven’t done so sooner was because I was afraid.

Afraid that anything and everything would go wrong.

I’ve taken her on walks before (it took her one whole year to learn that she can’t pull when she walks) and she starts whining and pulling. To strangers her actions usually seem vicious but they are not. She just hasn’t socialized.

Doesn’t know how to.

Lulu (that’s her name!) was dropped at a kill shelter with her mommy and siblings when they were just a few days old, and usually animals left in these types of shelters don’t last long, yet Lulu live there for the first five months of her life. Five months!

A miracle if you ask me.

But she was becoming feral and no one wanted her (too scared for many). Lulu was going to get euthanize on December 15, 2010 but she didn’t. That’s the day she went home.

Dealing with a pup that was practically raised in a pound is no easy task but I didn’t give up. Sure, she’s a kook but I don’t want her any other way.

She’s really shy with strangers and doesn’t like to be the center of attention. But her bigger issue is socialization with other dogs and people. The whining. The pulling. The excitement. The trembling. It’s all there. But don’t worry she won’t bite . She rather go hide.

Now do you understand why I was afraid of taking her to a dog park or even the dog beach. Not because I have taken her before and terrible things have happened but because I assumed that everything would go wrong.

Assuming is a funny thing you know. As writers we have a lot of that. We assume that our idea won’t be interesting enough. We assume that our script isn’t even worth a rewrite.

We assume.

We give up just as fast as a new ideas come to greet us.

But sometimes we have to place the assumption in the backburner and just give it a try. Do the unexpected and hope (pray) that things will go right because maybe things aren’t as bad as you think.

Last Friday Lulu proved me and the fiancé wrong.

No. She didn’t make a bunch of friends and let loose (that would’ve been a perfect ending!). She was actually glued to my hip and scared.

Turns out she doesn’t know how to get other dogs attention so she whines.

She’s pretty good off-leash but she rather stay by herself than socialize.

I’ve been taking her to the dog park a lot more now and I know it will take time for her to become the playful dog I know she is. She’ll come out of her shell in time—her time.

All I have to do is be patient, believe, and not give up.

So do yourself a favor. Don’t give up on your writing. Don’t assume.

Just take the plunge and go from there. Every day will welcome you with a new challenge but how else are you suppose to learn and get better?

Until next time,


Lulu in the dog park



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