Sleep, what’s in the Word?

I didn’t have time for last week’s prompt, so I’m making it up with this week’s challenge. I hope this makes you at least smile!

Prompt: … I woke with another headache …

I woke with another headache and believe me when I say that it wasn’t because I was drunk.

You see I have this neighbor, and he has the oddest hobbies: playing the violin at night, watching scary movies at night, eating things that give him extremely-loud-flatulence at night. Screaming like a girl at—well you get the point.

Now I have nothing against freedom of choice and expression.

Rock on.

But when our bedrooms are divided by nothing but a white wall, be considerate! What? Yes, yes. Of course I’ve complained, which is why I think he keeps adding to his odd hobbies–at night.


8 thoughts on “Sleep, what’s in the Word?

  1. Up until the “eating things” part you were describing me fairly well. I play violin at night and watch scary TV shows and movies into the wee hours. Perhaps I’ll reconsider my nocturnal habits from now on 😉

    Cute story, thanks for sharing!

  2. Your opening line had my attention immediately and flowed through the story. Nicely written.

    Tine to move? Add more plaster to the wall? or get a gun like the woman in the piece “Hidden at the Edge”.


  3. Very gripping.
    Didn’t exactly make me smile though: I’ve had dreadfully loud neighbours and it really impinges on the quality of your life if you can’t sleep properly…

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