Dreading the Silence

I haven’t been able to continue with Julia’s prompts for the past few weeks, but I was able to do it this week. I do hope this was a pleasant read for you. Thanks for reading!

Prompt: …the silence was deafening…

It was one of those moments you know? The ones that you see in movies or experience as a third party.

It was just one of those things you have never thought would happen to you. Or at least not a young age.

But as I sat there in disbelief, everything else slowly started to disappear.

As if in a movie, the camera began to move back slowly, awaiting the FADE OUT.

The resolution.

For that one moment, when everything else stood still, the silence was deafening.

Sure, it was a mere 30 seconds but to me it felt a lifetime.


2 thoughts on “Dreading the Silence

    1. I’m glad you liked it :).

      For this one piece I decided to leave it open for interpretation and focus on those first few seconds that we go through when we get unexpected news.

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