Actions Speak Louder Than Words

I wasn’t able to participate on last week’s prompt and it bugged me since I had a great idea, or so I thought. So this week I decided to write my prompt as early as I could since for the rest of the week I’ll be busy working on my own project.  Please enjoy! Feedback is always a-welcome! 🙂

Prompt: This week’s prompt was based on this image

“Isn’t this beautiful,” Anne said as she looked around.

“A little too high and beautiful for me,” I said in returned.

Anne raised her eyebrow as she folded her arms. “Sam, are you sure you don’t want to go and take a seat on safer grounds.”

I exhaled as I looked down, everything under me looked crystal clear but I was stubborned. “Now I told you I wasn’t afraid of no transparent walkway, Anne.” I said.

Anne smiled as she got a hold of my hand and started walking towards the exit. “ I think I had my bit of fun for the day.”


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