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Loglines are my weak point but I really tried to think of some last week. I would definitely appreciate it ( you don’t know just how much this would mean to me) if you would be able to give me an input on the following. Some may sound the same–chances are they are but believe me your feedback will help.

Yeah, I could keep on focusing on writing a lot more loglines but I see that as an excuse to not continue with my present project. What I am thinking of doing though is take the ones that sound okay and work on them later on. This  will help me see where I may be lacking on this logline world of mine.


Logline #1 A repressed teenager with a passion for drawing knows he is just another statistic with no future.

Logline #2 A trouble teenager has a gift for drawing but needs help from a mentor to see his potential.

Logline #3 A talented artist has the potential to live the dream but he has to convince himself first.

Logline #4 A talented teenager has the potential of becoming a recognize artist but he needs to convince himself first .






One thought on “Logline Feedback

  1. All four loglines give a good idea about the main character, but they don’t provide enough information about the storyline. The closest one is logline 2, which talks about him getting help from his mentor. How does his mentor help him? What catalyst makes him realize his potential. Some kind of hint as to what occurs to spur his insight into his own potential would help give the audience an idea of what to expect without giving away the ending.

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