Just Be You

There was no beginning. There was no end. This prompt happened somewhere in the middle. And yes, I know it went a little over 100. Sorry! Hope you enjoy it! 🙂

Prompt: …beneath the surface…

“Beneath the surface is the true you,” I told myself as I looked at my reflection through the pond.

“True. But wouldn’t it be better if this is something everyone could see, including you.” I turned around to find Alex walking towards me. “How long have you been their?” I said.

“Long enough,” Alex said as he walked towards me.

I turned back to the pond and kept looking at my reflection—mesmerized.

Alex sighs as he comes down to my level. “Look, kid, you need to stop trying to grow up. Finding yourself, letting your reflection become your actual persona takes time, mistakes, and life.”

He places his arm on my shoulder. “But above all, it takes patience.”


3 thoughts on “Just Be You

  1. Beneath the surface there are reasons why we move toward things we don’t necessarily know. This is not an attempt to say you need editing…but that you should be sharing your writing. I want to turn you on to our editing book clubs. Not sure if you are currently publishing…but they are a great way to get an editor’s feedback at a really good price. Less than $15 per day now through February 10. Just in case….here’s the link to apply for more info. http://10daybookclub.com

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