Practice! Practice! Practice!

We all know that saying “Practice makes perfect” and we tend to preach it too. But how many times do we practice it?

I’ve been focusing on the writing process for animation: Logline, beat sheet, outline, script. I even wrote my first spec script! You can read more about it here. And I can say that practice makes perfect. Yesterday after I finished my outline, I compared it to the previous one and I could see the difference. Not only was it filled with more details, it was lengthier too! I use How to Write for Animation by Jeffrey Scott as a reference so I definitely felt accomplished after my second outline. As I mentioned before, the difference was there. The improvement was there. There may be some that might not tell the difference and that’s fine. But for me to actually see it, is all I need to go on.

Whether is writing for animation, movies, or other TV genres the process is not easy. But following up–sticking to the process is even harder.

Which is why I (for some crazy reason) decided to commit myself to the Writers Store “Don’t Break the Chain Calendar.” I will definitely get into more detail later but for now here’s the link to the Writers Store.

It’s definitely worth checking.

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