Day Five

It’s Sunday and all I wanted to do was sleep! And taking things slow, even started browsing the internet. But there was this little voice on the back of my head, “You need to write!” and I did. I made myself continue.

I finished my spec script.

It’s a little shorter than expected and throughout the day I’ve been thinking about what was missing. What went wrong. I know it is suppose to be around 25 pages but it came out short, about six pages, but realizing that something went wrong and figuring how to fix it is what matters.

Am I going back and redo it?

No. Not because I am lazy but because I need to move on and continue. I know what went wrong and I take that with me for the next script.

The only way to get better is to continue and not look back.

On a side note: I finally started watching the first season of Veep. I’m loving it!


Stay Tune!


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